EATRIS is the European infrastructure for translational medicine, providing high quality services in early development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics. Translational research is defined as research that develops promising biomedical innovations 'from bench to bedside,' and conversely brings clinical insights from bedside back to bench.

EATRIS strives to accelerate medicines and diagnostics development by utilising cutting-edge, enabling technologies in early translational research. Academic researchers, companies and charities can access clinical expertise and high-end facilities that are available within the distributed ETRIS infrastructure, which is comprised of over 80 leading institutes and growing,

In addition, the EATRIS infrastructure is a unique forum for the exchange of knowledge and provide several best practices working groups for its members.

The SNP&SEQ Technology Platform at Uppsala University is part of the EATRIS infrastructure and can provide both genotyping and sequencing technologies. Further the facility is part of working group SEQC-II with the aim to provide best practices for analysis protocols and quality control metrics for Next Generation Sequencing data. For more information about EATRIS, please visit the EATRIS website.