Data delivery

When the genotyping is done we will perform a quality check to make sure that the data delivered meet our high standards. A comprehensive result report including QC metrics and comments from the genotyping will be delivered. Genotype data can be compiled in most formats e.g adapted for  analysis using PLINK, Nexus and PennCNV.

For delivery of data we collaborate with SNIC-UPPMAX, Uppsala University's resource of high-performance computers, and NGI will deliver data to a project at the delivery resource "GRUS" hosted by SNIC-UPPMAX.

When a genotyping project is ready for delivery, NGI registers a new delivery project with the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and data is moved to GRUS. The principal investigator (PI) of the genotyping project will be assigned as the PI of the delivery project. Initially, the PI is the only member of the delivery project and consequently, the only person who can access the data on GRUS. Through the SNIC User and Project Repository (SUPR) web interface, the PI can administer the delivery project and add or remove members, as well as assigning a Technical Administrator and a Proxy for the PI. Members of the delivery project are able to retrieve the data from GRUS using any of the methods described in the GRUS user guide.

Delivery projects are only active for 90 days after data delivery and will expire thereafter. The PI of the delivery project is responsible for ensuring that data is retrieved from GRUS before the delivery project expires. Once the delivery project has expired, it is automatically removed from GRUS.

For FAQ and more information about data delivery, please visit the NGI Order Portal.

For genotyping inquiries

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For SNP genotyping and methylation analysis inquiries:

Tomas Axelsson, Head of Genotyping. Mobile: +46 (0) 70 167 94 58